Camp One Step Rebranding Interviews

On Tuesday, May 16th, Jokes4Miles hosted a crew from Camp One Step to film their rebranding video. In the past, they’ve been known to the public under a myriad of names, and their goal is to present a unified face going forward.

If you’re unfamiliar with Camp One Step, they are a local camp in the Illinois area that hosts children facing cancer. They offer two weeks of summer camp for pediatric cancer patients, but they also host many other unique programs for children and families. The youngest campers enjoy Day Camp in spring and Family Camp in October, which also offer bonding opportunities for their families. For middle school children, they have developed specific trips to Washington DC and Springfield, IL to learn about our government. For older kids, they host a ski trip to Utah in February, a whitewater rafting and camping trip to North Carolina in August, and a leadership program for young adults to remain involved with the camp if they still face hardships due to their illness. In May, they have set up a special family camp for children with brain tumors and their families, to help them bond over the unique experiences involving this type of cancer. They also participate in charity drives around Illinois, holding galas and running in marathons to raise funds for their camp.

For the background, we created a set inside Zoe’s Studio, complete with mood lighting and props. The camera crew included a couple of our own employees as well as several volunteers: Todd from Rage Agency, and his assistants, two college students named Rachel and Trevor.

Our in-house chef, Chef MC, prepared snacks for the crew: tortilla chips with hummus and babaganoush made from scratch, veggies with chipotle ranch, and mini bagels with cream cheese. MC can do no wrong in our eyes.

We interviewed several staff members from Camp One Step, including Jeff Infusino, the president; Gavin Marks from their advisory council; and Jack Flannery, a strategist from The Distillery Project. We also included two campers in the video: Joe Mrowiec as well as Maggie Conlon with her father, Eric. In their interviews, the staff discuss the confusion surrounding their many names in the past, indicating their desire to have a single name for the public to call them. They reveal the tagline, One Step Forward Together, and discuss the new logo designed around this concept. Maggie discusses how the logo resembles a group of people hugging, as well as a friendship bracelet like the ones they make it camp, which seems like the perfect logo for a place like Camp One Step.

Jokes4Miles has filmed countless promotional videos for Camp One Step over the years, so it made sense for us to shoot their rebranding video as well. We have a longstanding history with the camp, creating videos to advertise their activities for free because we believe in the amazing experiences they provide for kids facing cancer. Many young cancer patients are scared to leave their families and doctors behind for a week, even though camp sounds like fun. The videos help them see the safety practices in place for their wellbeing, as well as the fun to be had and the friends to be made. The kids who go to camp create lasting memories and build strong relationships, and it’s a great chance for them to feel like a normal kid instead of a kid with cancer.

This photo perfectly captures our friends at Jokes4Miles! A few years ago they reached out to us wanting to help, what they do for us is PRICELESS. Their team donates their time to spend days upon days filming our programs so we can share short videos with those who want to remember their experiences, help parents feel comfortable with the care and love we show their kids, donors get a snap shot of the magic that is #OneStepCamp.... most importantly they help us reach new families diagnosed with cancer. Let's all give them a HUGE THANK YOU for the immeasurable gift they give Children's Oncology Services, Inc.! with- Len Austrevich Jeremy Caplan Natasa #HappyCampers #PediatricCancer #FilmProduction #ThankfulforDonors #Jokes4Miles

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Once the filming is finished, the footage heads over to our production team. They worked  hard on a finished version of the rebranding video, and you can watch the final version here. We were so excited to help with the new Camp One Step logo and brand, and we’re thankful to this camp for continuously coming to us to film their videos. Here’s to a long and happy partnership.

That’s all for now, Monkeys! Have a great weekend.

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